Client Portfolio

Guided, Free-Range, Pronghorn and Aoudads Hunts In West Texas. No high fences here!

"I have had the pleasure of hunting with Wayne Wiemers and his group on two separate occasions. Once for Antelope and a second trip for Aoudad. On both hunts Wayne and his guides hunted hard and did everything possible to put me in a good position to take a fine animal. Everything about the hunt was very well done. Wayne and his team treated me like family, were very honest and genuine people and I left Marfa Texas feeling like my circle of friends had grown. This is a hunt that is put on by hunters who know what they are doing and it is designed for hunters who are willing to hunt hard to get a nice animal. I can recommend Wayne and his team without reservation."

Gary Wakeford

Canfield OH   

"I have been on at least 5 hunts with Wayne, not only is he a great guy but he is the real deal. He is an experienced hunter guide, understands the lay of the land and is very professional. I will continue to recommend Wayne to all my friends and family for the best hunting experiences around!" 

Jason Cunningham

Hondo, Texas

"Not only does the aoudad provide a great trophy but, when hunted under free-ranging conditions, it is one of the most challenging hunts that you will find in this country. I’ve already booked with Wayne for a fall hunt and you should too."

Jim Wilson

Alpine, Tx

"I have been hunting with Wayne Wiemers for ten years and keep returning to Texas for more hunts with him for a number of reasons. Wayne has many leases in the Marfa-Alpine area that give hunters several options to explore when looking for game. Depending on the season, there are aoudad, antelope, and javelina to pursue, and Wayne also offers bird hunts. It’s hard to find an outfitter who has such a wide range of good animals with 31” aoudads and 80” antelopes common. Wayne personally guides many of the hunts and, of course, is very knowledgeable of the entire area. His other guides are locals and also have an outstanding knowledge of the area. In addition to being great spotters, all of them have stories to share and are a pleasure to spend time with. My wife has accompanied me on some of my hunts and has very much enjoyed her time in Marfa and with the Wiemers as well."

Paul Litz