Aoudad Hunts

Hunting Packages

For pricing or package questions, please call 432-729-3308

ALL HUNTS: Hunting license and alcohol not included.

Aoudad (Barbary Sheep):

A four-day hunt including lodging, meals, vehicle, and guide.


Pronghorn Antelope:

A two-day hunt including lodging, meals, vehicle, and guide.


"I recently had the opportunity to go on a hunt I had wanted to do for years. I’ve always thought Aoudad sheep were an amazing trophy animal. I tried twice with another guide and had no luck. Then a friend told me about Wayne Wiemers. My friend highly recommends him so I arranged a hunt with him. What a great person and guide. He knows the area better than most and his ability to find sheep was amazing! You can find less expensive hunts but this hunt is all about having a true opportunity for a trophy!"

Steve Fox